“I am deeply grateful for Molly’s expert guidance through my recent career transition. By the end of the first session, Molly understood my background, career aspirations, personality and values, which enabled highly productive meetings and expert guidance that set the course for the next phase of my career. I give Molly and Standout my highest recommendation.”

—David Neundorfer, CEO of Open Book Extracts

“Molly is a skilled coach. She was instrumental in helping me grow my business. She was responsive when I needed a sounding board for a difficult situation with employees, hiring and clients. Her forward thinking was helpful – she anticipated needs long before I saw them coming and as a result was better prepared. She kept me accountable so I stayed on track. I highly recommend working with Molly.”

—Kathy Dise, President, BudgetEase

“It’s rare that you come across someone that really ‘listens’ to you as well as Molly does. She is able to see where you want to go and can quickly come up with a plan to get you there. I had the pleasure of working with Molly for three years and her support has led to tremendous growth for my agency and me. I was particularly impressed by Molly’s ability to effortlessly handle even the toughest situations. And she comes to your location, making connecting easy. Any leader would benefit from Molly’s guidance.”

—Jason Joyce, Executive Director at Hitchcock Center for Women

“I was connected with Molly Walsh during the process of searching for an executive coach to help me navigate a major career transition into a senior leadership role. Working with Molly during the past year has shown me the tremendous value of coaching, particularly with Molly as my coach. She has helped me define my goals, values, leadership style, strengths, and weaknesses – all with the kindness, respect, wisdom, and candor of a seasoned mentor. She is truly invested in my growth, success, and well-being, both professionally and personally. I cannot recommend her more enthusiastically.”

—Libbie Stansifer, Chief Medical Officer at Signature Health, Inc.

“Molly is an exceptional executive coach. She is warm, thoughtful, sharp, and highly skilled. She has a way of making you feel comfortable throughout the process, taking the time to listen and get to know you, while also being extremely efficient. She uses the consultation time wisely. She is able to handle the dynamic nature of a job search, poised to pivot gracefully with you at any moment. Her advice was spot on in every aspect of my job search. She has an intuitive sense when it comes to accurately reading situations and helping you plan for the next move. I will admit that I was a little skeptical in the beginning because Molly readily admitted not having extensive experience in working with people in education (school psychology in particular), but her confidence and initial recommendations won me over. Molly clearly took the time to do research into my field and the knowledge and skills she brings to the consultant/client relationship are universal to all professional relationships. Lastly, Molly is very accessible and responsive when you reach out to her. She helped me through a very tough and time-sensitive negotiation. I am grateful to her and all she taught me. I truly believe that her goal is to coach you into growing your own skills in the areas of networking, interviewing, and generally working with people in a professional environment. I am now working in a dream job that I didn’t even know was out there for me!”

—Ricia Weiner, Ph.D., NCSP, LPC, Learning Specialist at Washington International School

“I had a 6 week engagement with Molly and she managed the time and process really well. She made sure that I was pushing myself, showed me ways to maximize my time and resources and led me to a path I hadn’t been considering. In addition, she gave me tools to help push me forward. I highly recommend Molly.”

—Julie Lehman, Senior Marketing Executive

“I hired Molly to help me through an unexpected career transition that came in the midst of a variety of other life changes. She was tremendously helpful in helping me understand what I wanted and how to get there and was an invaluable sounding board throughout the whole process. Together, we re-worked my resume and LinkedIn profile, developed my network, and fine-tuned my pitch, and she was always there to answer calls, texts, and emails with questions along the way.”

—Lauren Turkisher, Vice President, Hedge Fund Operations at Ancora Holdings Inc.

“Molly’s positive and organized approach to the career transition process allowed for a relaxed and successful experience. She has outstanding resume optimization skills, with the ability to highlight the most relevant information in an “employer ready” format. Working with Molly was a great experience and with her support, I was able to achieve my goals. I would gladly recommend her coaching services to any who are searching for professional career guidance.”

—Laura Churchill, Sr. Engagement Manager, Aetna Medicare Provider Collaboration

“Molly recently helped me make a major career move, and my experience was fantastic. First, she helped me imagine, in the abstract, what I really wanted in this chapter of my career. She helped me identify the things that were the most important to me and helped me describe my “dream job.” The elements of this dream job became the filter through which she helped me identify and prioritize the opportunities that I considered throughout my search. Next, she helped me write a resume for the first time in over 20 years. The resume condensed decades of work experience into relevant language that focused on high impact accomplishments. I received several compliments on how clear and powerful the resume was. Next, she helped me draft specific and relevant cover letters that highlighted the portions of my resume that were directly applicable to the opportunity at hand. She gave me great tips on how to work my network and kept me focused on the positive progress along the way. In the end, she helped me compare and contrast several fantastic opportunities and negotiate a great offer. I am now in the kind of dream job she helped me imagine in that first meeting, and I am excited to see this next chapter unfold. Thank you, Molly!”

—Kara Carter, Senior Partner, Corporate and Community Relations at JumpStart, Inc.

“Job searching is never easy and I’ve frequently felt confused and frustrated during the process. In an effort to avoid falling into the trap of accepting the first job that was offered regardless of whether or not it was a good opportunity, I decided to work with Standout Consulting to help me find a position that would utilize my past experience as well as challenge me and help me grow professionally. Working with Molly gave me the structure that I needed during this difficult process. When I left our meetings, I had clear action items and knew exactly what I had to accomplish throughout the next few weeks. The meetings were extremely beneficial and kept me on track and motivated. Being held accountable for accomplishing these tasks made me feel like I was making progress, even if I hadn’t yet secured a position. Our discussions opened my mind to possibilities that I hadn’t previously considered. She was diligent about checking in on my progress and always available if I had any questions or issues that arose. Molly is knowledgeable, personable, and dedicated to helping her clients find success. I have already referred several people to Standout Consulting and will continue to use Molly as a resource throughout my career.”

—Christine Grapo, Communications/Marketing

“Molly is a personable, professional leadership coach that graciously coached me to grow into a resonant leader that
I am not only proud to be, but also feel I can continue to be with the skills, resources, and guidance she provided. Molly offers perspective and thoughtful guidance and I don’t hesitate to recommend her.”

— Chief, Strategic Initiatives

“I recommend Molly Walsh and Standout Consulting, she provided me a process to envision and plan for the next steps in my career. Molly provided resources to help me set goals for the short and long term. Her insightful questions, candid feedback and thoughtful guidance made each meeting productive.”

— MSOD, Organizational Development Consultant

“I met with Molly at the advice of a friend. I can’t believe I went so long without her. Not only was Molly a true professional and sincere in her work, but she provided a much needed perspective on my business and life situation. Her advice was thoughtful and resourceful, and her delivery was clear and prioritized. I highly recommend Molly.”

—Small Business Entrepreneur

“Molly provides insight, objectivity, and thoughtful guidance
on a wide array of business, career, and lifestyle balance issues. Her experience, education, and analytic skills combine with a practical, friendly, and genuinely helpful personality. The result is a truly valuable consultant, one who is adaptable to changing circumstances, and a pleasure to work with.”

—Litigation and IP Management Professional

“Molly’s consultation really helped me look at my job search as a marketing task, with an eye towards representing myself in the best way possible. She also provided me with insight on how to determine what I’m looking for in a career. I now have far more confidence in the way I’m presenting myself and my qualifications.”

—Product Solutions Consultant

“Molly has an unprecedented talent for guiding individuals to help unlock their true passions at a professional and personal level. Her knowledge, expertise, insights and materials help to identify ones true mission, vision and goals that pave the way for a clear and concise path in the future. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to work with her a few years earlier!”

—Project Manager

“Molly has developed a skills assessment process that provides valuable feedback and structures a personalized development strategy for individuals and business owners. Molly’s exceptional interpersonal and organizational skills played a big part in making every meeting productive and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Standout Consulting!”

—President, Advisement and Investment Firm